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It seems like whatever I paint ends up looking whimsical, as if my inner child is actually painting. I believe that what we love as children guides our journey, and is our direct connection to the divine spirit.

The Atlantic City paintings have been inspired by heartfelt memories of my carefree childhood summers. When I paint them, there is a connection that transcends paint, time and space. As a child, I was fascinated by the architecture from the early 1900s. I loved the generous woodwork, glass door knobs, button light switches and water stained wallpaper. The beach and the boardwalk fill me with inspiration as well.

Still life paintings challenge my skills as I create illusions of space and texture. They feature a cast of objects, like characters in a play that are interesting and unique for their own individual reasons. Perhaps, I like the shine or distortion of glass next to soft velvet, or the combination of patterns, or antiques paired with modern pieces. These objects speak to me somehow and I respond.

And, last but not least, I started painting the moon about 10 years ago when I opened my little shop in the forest at the Florida Renaissance Festival. The fantasy atmosphere at the festival is very free and improvisational which sparked my imagination to paint something that would fit into that genre. And, the originals glow in the dark.

I have always had a passion for making art as far back as I can remember. I attended Saturday morning art classes starting at age 9. My art training continued through high school and college where I studied fine art, at Temple University and Tyler School of Art. Ultimately, I received a Bachelor of Science degree in textile design at Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, in 1981.

Aside from making fine art, I am also a decorative artist. Since 1990, I have been painting murals & furniture, and specializing in faux finish, wood grain, Venetian plaster, gold and silver leaf, and more. You can see pictures at


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